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Introducing Tiki Cat Aloha Friends - a delicious wet cat food that's as close to the tastes of the islands as you can get! Tiki Cat Aloha Friends is made from only the freshest ingredients like tuna, tilapia, and pumpkin. Each pouch contains 3 ounces of nutritional goodness that your feline pal will love. 

The Tuna, Tilapia, and pumpkin flavors in this wet food blend create a unique and tasty combination that reminds cats of the ocean. The tilapia is wild-caught exotics for an added splash of flavor. Meanwhile, pumpkin helps provide key nutrients to help support all your kitty's needs. This premium wet food also contains no by-products or fillers and no grains, so it meets even the most discerning cats' dietary needs. 

With an intense yum-factor that really delivers on its promise of island-inspired taste from wholesome ingredients, get ready to treat your furry friend to something truly special with Tiki Cat Aloha Friends! Pick up some at Metro Pet Supply today!