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Attention pet-parents! Does your cat suffer from food allergies or intolerances? Do you want to feed them a naturally delicious meal without grains? Then this is the product for you. Purina Cat Chow’s Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food with Real Chicken is packed with yummy, essential vitamins and proteins your cat needs to stay healthy, happy, and satisfied. 

The Real Chicken is carefully sourced for its protein content, as well as to provide essential amino acids that aid in the development of strong bones and muscles. Rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, we make sure your cat receives ample nutrition to help maintain their skin health. And don’t worry about fillers—our Natural Grain Free option contains no corn or soy! 

Plus it makes mealtime more fun since our kibble has a variety of shapes and sizes to give cats an interesting dining experience. Now available for purchase in our Metro Pet Supply store! Get Purina Cat Chow Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food Naturals with Real Chicken in a 6.3 Lb bag today!