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Pamper your furry friends with ORIJEN Original Cat Grain Free Dry Cat Food! We strive to keep your cats healthy and active with wholesome ingredients. This premium dry food is crafted in the green countryside of Kentucky, with fresh deboned chicken as the first ingredient—free-run chickens that are raised in wide-open pastures and fed a 100% natural diet. 

We've also added wild-caught fish from Arctic waters, cage-free eggs, botanicals, organic vegetables, fruits, and berries for optimal nutrition. Using a Biologically Appropriate approach to pet feeding, ORIJEN Original is based on 70% meat ingredients, with 30% fresh or raw fruits, vegetables, and botanicals that mirror your cat's evolutionary instincts. 

It's grain-free recipe means there are no rice or other grains like wheat or corn that cause allergic reactions in some cats. In addition to a complete protein for tissue building, this formula also contains amino acids plus essential fatty acids for healthy skin and fur coats. With 12-pound bags of ORIJEN Original Cat Grain Free Dry Cat Food, you can supply the best-balanced nutrition that your cats will love! So why wait? Metro Pet Supply has it all here at affordable prices!