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Do you have an indoor cat who loves to eat? Look no further than ACANA Indoor Entree for Indoor Cats Chicken Turkey Whole Herring and Rabbit Dry Cat Food, available in 4lb! This specially crafted recipe is tailored to the needs of your domesticated feline. 

Packed with 65% quality animal proteins, this recipe is sure to bring joy and flavor to your furry friend’s bowl. Free-run chicken and turkey as well as whole herring make Indoor Entree a meal they’ll love. The delicious kibble contains prebiotic fiber to encourage optimal digestion and will keep them feeling full and content. 

Plus, it’s enriched with whole vegetables, fruits, botanicals, minerals plus vitamins for added nutrition. Give your furry companion the balanced nutrition they need and love with Acana Indoor Entree so they stay healthy and happy for years to come. Stop by Metro Pet Supply today to pick up a bag!